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Our Lessons

By finishing our WP lessons, you can receive Certificates. . We have our lessons about WordPress and Gimp. We also include free lessons from other YouTube channels of sites or communities about Gimp, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Code Igniter, Photoshop, Editors , Web Programming Languages. All are FREE.
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Our Blog

We have tutorials that show how to build sites like a LMS .We also include info about (staff that can be used in order to create Online Courses e.t.c. ) : Screen capture FREE programs Video Editing FREE programs Audio Editing FREE programs Comparison of microphones We also have videos on how to Market your product/lesson on Social Media.

Out Goal

We are a FREE Education site and we want to help you to learn a CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), Web Marketing , Web Languages, Video Capture & Edit, LMS and many more.

Auricles with only web videos

In our Blog, we include a) Articles that include only educational material for the web b) Articles have written by me.


Don't forget

200 Years from the Greek Revolution

1821 - 2021



How to create a Real Sites

We present tutorials on How to build working sites. (See out Tags Cloud)

How to integrate with React JS

React JS at Front - CMS at back
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CMS Development

How to develop CMS Code
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Blog Technology

Alternatives on How to Build a Blog
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